True Tales from a CPR Section House
These are stories about my family and its relationship to the Canadian Pacific Railway section houses
around mid-north Ontario/Quebec. Most are funny, some are sad, but all are informative. Enjoy !


Imagine my surprise when I opened my blog stats today and that found a higher than normal number of readers had viewed my blog since yesterday.
Let it be known that it wasn't the quality of my recent posts (non-existent for the most part) that explained this anomaly.
A quick look into traffic sources showed that today, one source was the cause of over half the reads.
I thought, "Gee, I am not that interesting that someone would read 55 of my posts. Or am I?... Na-aa! Not likely."
It had to be something else.
Thanks to Google, I typed in the URL and was directed to a very cool site indeed. It has plenty to look at (great photography) and plenty to read (articles of all sorts, not too long). It is international in flavour and Canadian in every way.
The Canadian Railway News:

If you enjoy the news of railways in Canada and around the world, why not take a side step from this blog over to their web site. You won't be disappointed.
Thank you over at OKthePK for linking to my blog. It was a very pleasant surprise, indeed.
If those new people have the time click on this page's title to dig into my archives for stories of a family who grew up in a CPR Section House. Enjoy!

Posted by Christine Powless at 17:42
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