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31 December 2013
MMA Chairman Above the Rules

West Hill Ontario - Re:  Railway exec says he's "also a victim", 28 Dec 2013
Railway exec says he's "also a victim".
Montreal Maine & Atlantic Railway (MMA) chairman Ed Burkhardt continues to show that he is not only a failure as an executive but also as a human being by trying to portray himself as a victim.
In a nation that didn't worship greed the way we do in Canada he would be facing criminal charges for his role in disaster.
Here we allow executives and directors to escape punishment for their actions.
Worse, our governments are often complicit, allowing inadequately contained dangerous substances to be transported without notice or proper supervision through our cities.
After all, such safeguards could cut into profits.
Burkhardt was willing to play the hero to stockholders when he oversaw cost-cutting measures to help his company expand its business.
Yet when those same measures led to the deaths of 47 people and the destruction of a town, he now wants to play the victim and shift blame from his company and himself.
Unfortunately, his actions are all too common.
How many fossil fuel company executives have faced charges for the wanton destruction their operations cause?
How many investment banking executives have faced charges for their role in the 2008 economic collapse?
Burkhardt is part of that privileged class who are apparently above the rules that govern the rest of us.
One might just as well call Anders Breivik a victim because the rest of Norway failed to agree on the righteousness of his killing spree.
Burkhardt's crimes are just as heinous yet he will likely never face prosecution.
Gary Dale.