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Lake Megantic citizens rally for access to blocked-off parts of the town - Date/Photographer unknown.
11 February 2014
Feds to Pay 50 Percent
of Lake Megantic Bill

Ottawa Ontario - The federal government has signed an agreement with Quebec to pay half of the bill for costs associated with the Lake Megantic train derailment, QMI Agency has learned.
The agreement between the feds and the province has no limit, but at last count, costs were said to be around $400 million, TVA reported.
A 72-tanker train derailed and exploded in the centre of Lake Megantic on 6 Jul 2013, killing 47 people.
It was Canada's deadliest railway blast, affecting a 1.5-square kilometre area of the lakeside town near the Maine border.
The Transportation Safety Board found the tank cars carrying crude oil were mis-labelled and were more flammable than originally thought.

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