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Former Montreal Maine & Atlantic Railway engineer Thomas Harding leaves after being granted bail at his court appearance in Lake Megantic - 13 May 2014 Ryan Remiorz.
8 September 2015
Accused in Lake Megantic Rail Disaster Case to Return to Court in December

Lake Megantic Quebec - The criminal case against three men facing charges stemming from the 2013 Lake Megantic rail disaster has been put off until December.
The case was back before a judge Tuesday and a trial date could be set when proceedings resume in three months.
Train driver Tom Harding, railway traffic controller Richard Labrie, and Jean Demaitre the manager of train operations, each face 47 charges of criminal negligence causing death, one for each victim of the July 2013 oil-train derailment in the Quebec town.
Harding, Labrie, and Demaitre have all pleaded not guilty.
The lawyer for Demaitre recused himself because his client no longer qualified for legal-aid.
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