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Priest Steve Lemay - Jul 2013 Jacques Boissinot.
21 September 2015
Lake Megantic Priest Wants to Make Rail Safety an Election Issue

Lake Megantic Quebec - The former Catholic priest in the Quebec town of Lake Megantic says federal political parties should make clear whether they intend to pay for re-routing the train tracks more than two years after the disaster in which a runaway train derailed, exploded and killed 47 people.
In an op-ed published in Le Devoir, Father Steve Lemay said the fact that new tracks were laid down over the old tracks may be legal, though lingering fear caused by the train passing through town is "highly immoral."
He said candidates and party leaders should spell out their plan to restoring calm and confidence in the town, including, whether they will re-route the train tracks, and how they will increase rail safety.
Only the New Democratic Party candidate in Megantic-L'Erable has committed to re-routing the train tracks, while the Liberal party candidate has said such a commitment is irresponsible until the completion of a feasibility study and cost analysis.
Allan Woods.

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