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An oil tanker transfer facility - Date unknown Anonymous Photographer.
11 October 2015
Lake Megantic Residents
to March for Better Train Safety

Lake Megantic Quebec - Lake Megantic residents will take part in a march on Sunday to demand better rail safety measures.
The march, organized by an entity called the Citizens and Community Group Rail Safety Coalition, will start in the early afternoon.
The group is asking that the existing railway through the town be repaired and that a secondary train track be constructed "as quickly as possible."
A runaway train with 72 oil tankers derailed on 6 Jul 2013 in Lake Megantic setting off powerful explosions and causing fires that wiped out much of the downtown.
The disaster killed 47 people.
The coalition is also asking for the town of Lake Megantic to file for an interim injunction against the Central Maine & Quebec Railway (CMA) in Federal Court.
The company should immediately repair any problems on the railway and ensure that it is completely safe to use, the coalition says.
In September, the town received a petition demanding an immediate halt to the rail transportation of dangerous materials.
The petition, signed by thousands, said the CMA still had not repaired its tracks and therefore they were not fit to carry dangerous materials.
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