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Lake Megantic - Date unknown Anonymous Photographer.
13 October 2015
Quebec Judge Signs Off on $450 Million Settlement Fund for Lake Megantic Victims

Quebec - A Quebec judge has given his final approval regarding the terms of the $450 million settlement fund for victims and creditors of the Lake Megantic rail disaster.
Superior Court Justice Gaetan Dumas signed off today on the final agreement between victims, creditors, and about 25 companies accused of responsibility in the train derailment that killed 47 people.
Canadian Pacific Railway, the only company accused in the case to have not offered money, had requested that changes be made to the final version of the fund.
The railway sought leave to appeal the settlement fund but dropped its motions after learning all sides agreed to change some of the language of the terms.
The new terms of the fund offer certain legal assurance to CP if it is taken to court over its responsibility in the derailment.
Patrice Benoit, lawyer for the now-defunct railroad at the centre of the disaster, says the court has some procedural issues to take care of but that victims should begin receiving cheques before Christmas.
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