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Fire fighters watering DOT-111 tank cars the day after the derailment - 7 Jul2013 Paul Chiasson.
30 January 2016
Lake Megantic Reconstruction Office Opens to Help Rebuild Downtown Core

Lake Megantic Quebec - The reconstruction office in Lake Megantic has officially opened its doors more than two and a half years after a 2013 train disaster destroyed much of the Quebec city's core.
Its director says the office, which started operating in September, will help promoters with their projects and try to attract public and private investors to the city.
Stephane Lavallee says a hotel, community centre, and social housing unit are among the projects being planned.
Federal Transport Minister Marc Garneau attended the event to announce $1.96 million in federal funding for the office.
The amount is part of a $35 million federal fund announced in 2013 to help the city's economic recovery.
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