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Tom Walsh is the lawyer who represents Tom Harding - Date unknown Photographer unknown.
30 November 2016
Lake Megantic Engineer's Lawyer Wants Case Stayed

Quebec - The lawyer for an accused engineer involved in the Lake Megantic rail disaster says he will try to get his client's case thrown out because of how long it's taken to get to trial.
Thomas Walsh, the lawyer representing locomotive engineer Tom Harding, told Radio-Canada he will ask for a stay in proceedings because of an unreasonable delay in the start of the trial.
Harding faces 47 counts of criminal negligence causing death in connection with the Lake Megantic derailment.
The 6 Jul 2013 derailment killed 47 people and destroyed the town's downtown core.
Harding's trial is scheduled for September 2017.
Walsh said he will argue Harding's case should be dismissed using the Supreme Court of Canada's Jordan decision.
The decision, from July, states that Superior Court trials must be completed within 30 months of the suspect's arraignment.
The timeframe for provincial trials is 18 months.
Walsh told Radio-Canada he will file the stay of proceedings in January.
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