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The train involved in the derailment one day prior - 5 Jul 2013 Photographer unknown.
18 January 2017
Trudeau Pledges to Speed Up
Rail Bypass in Lake Megantic

Sherbrooke Quebec - Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pledged he will speed up the process to build a bypass track in Lake Megantic.
Trudeau was in the region to speak to the public during a town hall held in Sherbrooke Tuesday night.
During the meeting, he received a question from a citizen about the town, where 47 people died in 2013 when a train carrying crude oil derailed and exploded in the middle of the town.
In the wake of the tragedy, the town called for a new track to be built to allow trains to bypass the centre.
"I agree that this is something that we have to do," Trudeau said.
"It's a horrible tragedy that happened. I have visited a few times, and could sense the distress from the tragedy has continued. I understand how important it is for the bypass to be built."
He said that he, along with Transport Minister Marc Garneau, will try to speed up the process as much as possible.
It has been estimated a 12 kilometre bypass could cost $115 million.
Transport Minister Marc Garneau has ordered a feasibility study into the project.
Trudeau planned to visit Lake Megantic on Wednesday morning, and visit Granby later in the day.
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