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Aftermath of the derailment and fire - Date unknown Photographer unknown - TSB.
6 July 2017
Lake Megantic Residents Renew Call for Rail Bypass on Anniversary of Fatal Derailment

Lake Megantic Quebec - A group of Lake Megantic residents is again calling for the construction of a rail bypass around the scarred Canadian city on the fourth anniversary of a disastrous derailment and fire.
"What shocks the population, it's to note that it's politically acceptable to wait until 2022 for a safer solution for Lake Megantic," says Robert Bellefleur, a spokesman for city residents, to CBC News.
Provincial and federal governments have funded a feasibility study for the bypass, which began environmental review hearings in May 2017.
Forty-seven people were killed and more than 30 buildings were leveled when a runaway Montreal Maine & Atlantic Railway (MMA) oil train derailed in town and exploded on 6 Jul 2013.
MMA eventually went bankrupt because of the incident.
"What we want, the citizens' coalition, is that we build the bypass as quickly as possible," Bellefleur says.
"We want an announcement this summer, and while we're waiting for it to be built, we want them to fix this death curve."
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau released a statement on Thursday echoing the citizens' concern for rail safety, but failing to provide any specifics on the proposed Lake Meganic bypass.
"No community should ever experience what Lake Megantic went through. I am committed to ensuring that rail safety remains a top priority," Trudeau says.
"To the people of Lake Megantic, please know that you remain in our thoughts and prayers and that you are present in every decision we make on this very important matter. We will not let up on our commitment to make the railway system safer and better for communities like yours all across Canada."
Today, the Central Maine & Quebec (CMQ) operates the rail line between Bangor, Maine, and suburban Montreal.
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