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Lake Megantic - Date unknown Photographer unknown.
31 July 2017
Quebec Assessment Agency Releases Lake Megantic Public Consultations Report

Quebec City Quebec - Quebec's environmental review agency says the majority of Lake Megantic residents appear to favour keeping the railway track in the town.
The agency released a report today on public consultations held between May and July.
The debate over a rail bypass has raged since a train carrying crude oil derailed and exploded in July 2013, killing 47 people and wiping out much of Lake Megantic's downtown core.
The agency says residents need to be better informed about the consequences of keeping the current railway track as is.
It is also highlighting one of the three rail bypass options on the table, which the agency says also deserves to be considered more fully because of the environmental, social, and economic benefits.
The town of Lake Megantic has rejected the idea of the status quo.
The agency was critical of that decision, stating it prohibited a full debate on the option, which it believes should be explained to citizens.
It concluded a lot of work still needs to be done before finding an adequate solution for the municipality, with some options not explored fully yet.
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