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13 October 2017
The Lessons of Lake Megantic
Have Not Been Learned

Canada - The trial of the three front-line workers charged with criminal negligence causing death in the Lake Megantic oil train disaster, has begun in a Sherbrooke courtroom.
If found guilty, they could face life in prison.
The defunct company, MMA, faces the same charges but its trial will be held at a later date.
What are the consequences of an extinct corporate shell being found guilty, but minus charges against its executives and owner?
Many people in Lake Megantic believe that the right people are not on trial.
I agree with them.
The Crown's case will exclusively target the men closest to the disaster, those at the bottom of the pyramid of accountability.
But individuals at higher levels of the pyramid have escaped accountability.
They have not been blamed for their role in the disaster.
Who are they?
Senior executives and directors of the delinquent company MMA, especially owner Ed Burkhardt, without whose permission no significant decisions were made... not held to account.
Transport Canada (TC) senior officials and the minister, who allowed this delinquent company to continue operating without any sanctions, allowed it to cut corners and play Russian roulette with public safety, whose highly defective oversight system failed catastrophically... not held to account.
The Conservative government leaders, who were in power at the time of the disaster and who exhibited complacency and casual indifference to the dangers of the mammoth surge in the transportation of volatile oil by rail... not held to account.
The industry lobbyists who pressured senior officials and politicians not to implement additional regulations to deal with this new and dangerous phenomenon... not held to account.
The senior Transport Canada official(s) who made the decision (with the tacit support of superiors), over major opposition within Transport Canada itself and the unions, to allow MMA to operate its 12,000 ton high hazard oil trains through cities and towns piloted by a single person crew... not held to account.
The industry lobby, the Railway Association of Canada (RAC), which led the controversial redrafting of the Canadian rail operating rules, with Transport Canada's complicity, creating a loophole that allowed companies to operate single person crew trains with virtually no conditions to ensure an equivalent level of safety, and which then lobbied aggressively on behalf of this blatantly negligent company to be the first in Canada to run massive oil trains with a single person crew... not held to account.
Conservative government leaders who were responsible for a dysfunctional culture within Transport Canada, and in the name of austerity starved its resources, including reducing the rail safety directorate's budget by 20 percent during the years when oil by rail was increasing exponentially, impeding its capacity to cope with this emergent reality... not held to account.
A regulation averse prime minister responsible for instituting a notorious one-for-one policy requiring agencies that proposed a new regulation to eliminate at least one existing regulation regardless of its impact on safety, on the pretext that cutting red tape would unleash market forces of job creation and economic growth, a policy that likely stonewalled the implementation of regulations that might have mitigated the risks of this new threat... not held to account.
Deregulation by both Conservative and Liberal governments systematically weakened or eliminated regulations, replacing them with voluntary codes and industry self-regulation (euphemistically called co-regulation) with limited or no direct oversight by governments.
A rail safety regime that continues to rely on human infallibility and the discredited myth of corporate self-regulation, and expecting another result is, to paraphrase Einstein, the definition of insanity.
Lake Megantic was collateral damage of decades of deregulation.
And yet only those at the bottom of the responsibility pyramid have been blamed.
None of those on its upper levels has admitted his or her role or been held to account.
Until this happens, the lessons of Lake Megantic will not have been learned, and justice for the citizens of Lake Megantic will be denied.
Bruce Campbell.

Quoted under the provisions in Section 29
of the Canadian Copyright Modernization Act.
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