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Rail Traffic Controller Richard Labrie waits in a courtroom hallway - Date/Photographer unknown.
15 January 2018
Jury Poses Questions

Sherbrook Quebec - Jurors in the Lake Megantic criminal negligence trial have asked the judge their first questions since being sequestered last Thursday.
During their fifth day of deliberations today, the jurors requested a dictionary and clarifications on various judicial matters.
Jurors are asking for clarification on the term "reasonable doubt".
They are also seeking an explanation about the legal concepts of a reasonable person and a reasonable and prudent person.
The jurors are deciding the fate of Tom Harding, Richard Labrie, and Jean Demaitre, who are charged in connection with the July 2013 tragedy in which 47 people were killed when a runaway train carrying crude oil derailed and exploded.
Harding was the train's engineer, Labrie the rail traffic controller, and Demaitre the manager of train operations.
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