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Tank cars lay on the tracks after derailing in Lake Megantic - 8 Jul 2013 Photographer unknown - TSB.
30 January 2018
Quebec Transport Minister Calls for Quick Solution on Funding

Quebec City Quebec - One week after federal transportation minister Marc Garneau said Canada was committing to building a railway bypass around Lake Megantic, it's not clear who is going to pay for it.
Transportation ministers from across the country, including Quebec's Andre Fortin, met Garneau on Monday in Ottawa.
Among several topics of discussion was the Lake Megantic bypass.
The federal and provincial governments have agreed to work together to announce the details by the fifth anniversary of the event, on 6 Jul 2018.
"I understand their realities, and what they want to do as well, but at the same time I think there was a good understanding that we need to find a solution quickly. Minister Garneau initially had said he wanted to do this before July which would be the five-year mark since the tragedy. I think we can move a little quicker than that and the people of Lake Megantic deserve exactly that," said Fortin.
The estimated cost for the rail line would be $130 million to run about 12 kilometres of track around the town.
Quebec is willing to pay part of the cost, but wants the federal government to pay more because it is federal jurisdiction.
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