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The collapsed lorry on the main road through Wareham Forest - Date unknown Sally Adams.
19 March 2015
Lorry Collapses Under Weight of
65 Tonne Steam Locomotive

Wareham Forest Dorset - A 65 tonne steam locomotive caused traffic chaos when the lorry transporting it collapsed under its weight and broke the road.
The 95-year-old locomotive was being carried from the Swanage heritage railway, in Dorset, to a steam gala to be hosted by the West Somerset Railway in Somerset.
The low-loader truck had only gone two miles when it buckled under the weight of the former Great Western Railway tank engine.
Its chassis snapped in two and the impact of the sudden movement caused a 40 foot gouge in the road surface.
The loco, which was built to haul coal around South Wales in the 1920s, remained in situ overnight until it could be recovered at 08:00 on Thursday.
The engine was not damaged in the incident, which happened near Wareham.
David Hawkins, who lives nearby, said he was working when his daughter told him there had been a train crash.
"I thought it was an April 1st joke until I looked out the window," he said.
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