The Bombardier-built double-deck train class RABe "FV-Dosto" for Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) at the Bombardier works in Villeneuve during commissioning - Date? Georg Trüb *1.
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25 August 2019
Bombardier Doesn't Deliver

Saanich Vancouver Island British Columbia - Canada is home to a big company, Bombardier, which builds vehicles sold all over the world.
I have had a ride in a beautiful train car in Europe built by that company.
It should be doing well, making profits, and be a jewel in the Canadian crown.
Yet, this company has not delivered on time, lost contracts, and has had to be bailed out by our federal government again and again.
Vancouver will receive Canada Line cars made in South Korea.
There seems something seriously wrong how Bombardier is managed.
Labour for our Canadian workforce is given away.
Now, isn't that a shame.
Karin Hertel.

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