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28 August 2019
Transit Agency Recognized as Project Management Award Finalist

Montreal Quebec - The Society of Transport of Montreal (STM) announced yesterday that its project to acquire a fleet of MPM-10 Azur subway trains is in the running to win the Project Management Institute's (PMI) International Project of the Year award.
STM is one of the three finalists for the award, which recognizes excellence in project management, STM officials said in a press release.
The project management team, made up of 150 STM employees and consultants, coordinated all stages of the acquisition and integration of the Azur trains.
The $2.4 billion project included rail car design and manufacturing, qualification of the rolling stock on the STM site, commissioning of the rolling stock for passenger use, infrastructure upgrades, and training of maintenance and operating employees.
The team also handled the reclamation of the original MR-63 car fleet and held consultations with customers on various aspects of the metro cars, including interior design, universal accessibility, and the train name.
The winner will be announced on 5 Oct 2019.
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