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The Rocky Mountaineer on Morant's Curve - Date/Photographer unknown.
12 April 2018
Rocky Mountaineer is the Most Luxurious Way to Explore Canada

Vancouver British Columbia - Some good things come in moving packages, like the Rocky Mountaineer train's new travel bundles.
This privately owned luxury tourist train is the largest in the world and has just added four new trips across Canada to its list of 2019 vacation offerings.
If you love the idea of exploring the outdoors in style, your bucket list is about to get longer.
"With these new vacation packages, our guests can combine a luxurious rail journey onboard Rocky Mountaineer with outdoor activities to explore the very best Western Canada has to offer," explained Deb Paulsen, vice president of guest experience.
"We are excited to introduce our guests to even more of the Canadian Rockies."
To celebrate these new packages, Rocky Mountaineer is helping travelers save big.
You can earn up to to $850 in added value per couple when you book before 31 Aug 2018.
Check out the latest offerings below.
First Passage to the West Canmore Self-Drive
Canmore is an authentic mountain town 20 minutes from Banff, offering stunning views and a laid-back atmosphere where guests can hike, explore caves, or discover unique restaurants and boutiques.
This 7 day package rooted in Canmore, an authentic mountain town near Banff, offers gorgeous views and a relaxed atmosphere where guests can go hiking, explore caves, or visit unique shops in the area.
The trip includes 4 days with a rental car to explore the region, and 2 days onboard Rocky Mountaineer.
First Passage to the West Kananaskis Self-Drive
Kananaskis is the perfect place to hike, ride horses, play golf, or relax.
It's a 45 minute drive from Banff and features a beautiful mountain landscape with no shortage of views.
The 7 day package offers guests 2 nights at Pomeroy Kananaskis Mountain Lodge, 4 days to explore the area by rental car, and 2 days onboard Rocky Mountaineer.
First Passage to the West Sunshine Village Self-Drive
At an elevation of 7,200 feet, Sunshine Village is located directly within Banff National Park and has stunning panoramic views of the mountains.
The perfect place for outdoorsy travelers, Sunshine Village offers plenty of activities like nature walks, biking, and swimming in hot springs.
This package gives guests 4 days with a rental car to explore the region, as well as 2 days onboard Rocky Mountaineer.
Journey through the Clouds Mountain Adventures
The Cariboo Mountains should be on your must-see list during any season of the year.
This 10 day package is the longest journey of the new offerings, and might not be the right fit for those afraid of heights.
The trip features 3 nights at the CMH Cariboos Lodge (where guests must arrive and depart by helicopter!), 2 and a half days of heli-hiking, and 2 days onboard Rocky Mountaineer.
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