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A postcard of the Grand Trunk Railway Niagara Falls bridge - Date/Photographer unknown.
12 April 2018
City on Track to
Come Up with Train Options

Niagara Falls Ontario - Niagara Falls motorists are no strangers to being inconvenienced by long trains.
But now, instead of just grumbling about it behind the wheel of their vehicles, residents can attend two public open houses where the issue will be discussed by city officials.
Trains dividing the city in half has been a contentious issue in Niagara Falls for years.
It has been an irritant for local politicians who hear regularly from residents about long trains delaying them multiple times per day, sometimes trains breaking down at railway crossings across the city.
Open houses have been scheduled to outline a study on the impact of Canadian National Railway (CN) train operations.
The events, scheduled for 26 Apr 2018 and 31 May 2018 will identify key objectives and provide an overview of the rail operations review, traffic modelling, and socio-economic assessment.
The 26 Apr 2018 meeting will take place from 18:00-20:00 at MacBain Community Centre.
Preliminary recommendations will be presented during the 31 May 2018 open house.
An online survey will be available on, beginning 23 Apr 2018.
For some time, Mayor Jim Diodati has talked about trying to convince CN to entertain the notion of using alternate tracks which don't cut through the community causing difficulties for motorists and emergency vehicles.
Ray Spiteri.

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