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CP 4620 in the old paint scheme and SOO 4418 - Date/Photographer unknown.
14 April 2018
CP Sees Significant Gap in Talks
with Strike Deadline Nearing

Calgary Alberta - Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd. (CP) said a new labor agreement with thousands of workers remains elusive, less than a week before the deadline for the start of a strike that could cripple its network.
"Despite CP's best efforts, a significant gap remains" between the company and two unions, the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference (TCRC) and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, CP said in a statement late Friday.
A work stoppage could occur as early as 00:01 on 21 Apr 2018.
The talks come as Canada's second biggest railroad works to handle increased volumes following contract wins.
CP's first-quarter carloads climbed 3 percent on higher shipments of petroleum products, chemicals, and intermodal cargo, Walter Spracklin, an analyst at RBC Capital Markets in Toronto, said in a note to clients 10 Apr 2018.
A work stoppage "will severely impact CP's ability to continue to provide safe and efficient freight and passenger and commuter service," CP said.
"All customers and commodities would be impacted at a time when demand is soaring."
Commuters in Canada's three biggest cities, Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, would also be affected because many of the trains they ride on use CP's network.
TCRC represents about 3,000 train conductors and engineers, while the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers is negotiating on behalf of about 360 signal maintainers.
Spokespeople for the unions couldn't immediately be reached for comment.
Meetings with both unions are planned for next week, CP said, adding that the company will "continue to bargain in good faith."
Frederic Tomesco.

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