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Guelph police investigate east of the train station - 12 Apr 2018 Kate Bueckert.
12 April 2018
Train Service Stopped in Guelph
as Police Investigate Death

Guelph Ontario - Train service in Guelph has been stopped for a police investigation after a fatal incident involving a pedestrian and a freight train.
"The investigation is showing this is not a suspicious incident," said Constable Chris Probst with Guelph police, which means there were no other individuals involved.
"We have a construction team conducting an investigation into the collision aspect, that's going to take four to six hours," said Probst.
Shortly after 16:00 Guelph police issued a statement about the investigation.
"Emergency services are currently in the area of Victoria and Elizabeth for a serious incident involving a pedestrian and a train," the statement read.
"There is a significant increase in police activity in the area. There is no danger to the public," police said.
All GO trains have been stopped at Georgetown in both directions, says Metrolinx.
Buses will take commuters to the last three stops in Acton, Guelph, and Kitchener.
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