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A massive garden train set at Supertrain - 16 Apr 2016 Andy Maxwell.
13 April 2017
Country's Biggest Model Train Show Rolls into Calgary

Calgary Alberta - Canada's biggest model train show is barreling down the tracks toward Calgary.
Supertrain is expected to attract about 13,000 enthusiasts and 60 commercial exhibitors to the Genesis Centre 22 and 23 Apr 2017.
The show's longevity and an enthusiastic cast of local hobbyists makes the Calgary event the country's largest, said spokesman Rob Badmington.
"It's got a lot of momentum, this is our 23rd year," he said.
"We just have a tremendous volunteer base, a good organizing committee, and a lot of enthusiasm."
Exhibits, museums, and hobby shops will cover 60,000 square feet of the northeast facility.
Those filling that space hail from across Canada and beyond, said Badmington.
"There'll be a lot of American manufacturers displaying their new stuff," he said.
Every year, participants vote for their favourite model train set-up, which has been won more than once by an Edmonton-based group called Labaja, said Badmington.
"They've had a modular layout chock full of incredible details, a lot of animation, working signals on trains," he said.
It's typical of a hobby that's now often done with groups rather than by solo enthusiasts, said Badmington.
The show will also offer kids' rides on the Iron Horse miniature train along with a LEGO set-up.
"There's a lot of scenery that you'll be able to recognize buildings in Calgary," he said.
Admission is $15 and free for those aged 15 and under.
Because parking is limited at the Genesis Centre, 7555 Falconridge Blvd. N.E., attendees are advised to use, what else, the CTrain to get there.
Visitors can walk from the Saddletown Station and there'll be free shuttle buses running from the McKnight-Westwinds Station.
Bill Kaufmann.

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