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Results of the grass fire - Date unknown Photographer unknown.
10 April 2017
Train Likely Cause of Grass Fire

Bath Ontario - Grass fire season has officially started.
Firefighters with Loyalist Township battled a blaze along County Road 7 north of Bath around 15:00 this afternoon.
All available firefighters were called to the scene along with crews from Napanee.
It took around 30 firefighters nearly two hours to douse the flames and put out any hot spots.
During the time train service was halted between Odessa and Napannee and County Road 7 was closed to motorists.
Firefighters believe a train on the tracks sparked the flames.
The fire then spread 10 to 15 acres.
Deputy Fire Chief James Feeney says this is one of the worst times of the year for grass fires.
"This time of year, vegetation is quite dry, as well as we have the high winds today which can also cause a little bit of an issue for fighting these kinds of fires. We ask people, of course, to be very very vigilant around their house when they are doing stuff. Loyalist Township, we do have a total burn ban on from April 1st to the 15th of May. as well as, we do have a no burn ban for the municipality all year long."
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