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Union Station Toronto -
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16 April 2018
Prequalified Teams to Make Enhancement Plans for Union Station

Toronto Ontario - Two pre-qualified consortiums have been asked to make proposals for the Toronto Union station enhancement scheme.
Ellis Don Infrastructure Transit (Ellis Don Civil, AECOM Canada, and EllisDon Capital) and Graham Construction Rail Solutions (Graham Construction & Engineering, RJC Engineers and Graham Capital Partners) have been issued a request for proposals (RFP) from Infrastructure Ontario (IO) and Metrolinx as to how they will design, build, and finance the capacity-boosting project.
Infrastructure upgrades are required to help accommodate increased capacity at the station as part of the planned expansion of GO Transit rail service.
Once submissions are received, IO and Metrolinx will evaluate the proposals, select a preferred bidder, and negotiate a final contract.
A successful bidder is expected to be announced in winter 2018.

Union Station platforms -
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The scope of work at the station includes:

  • Replacing four tracks and two narrow platforms with two new tracks and two wider platforms;
  • Expansion of Platform 24/25;
  • Construction of a new covered south platform;
  • Development of a new contiguous concourse area below, extending from York to Bay Street, providing an east-west functionality through the station.

Ontario transport minister Kathryn McGarry said, "We are connecting communities by investing in Union station, a world-class transit hub. The new platform and concourse will help meet a growing ridership and build a truly integrated and accessible transportation system as we continue to deliver on our commitment to provide GO Regional Express Rail to thousands of commuters across the GTHA and beyond."
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