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The TTC Line 1 Subway Extension - Date unknown Photographer unknown - TTC.
10 April 2017
TTC Powers Up Third Rail
on Line 1 Subway Extension

Toronto Ontario - The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) has powered up the third rail on its Line 1 subway extension to begin trial runs for trains.
The move also allows the TTC to test the automatic train control signal system, agency officials said in a press release.
The third rail became live on 26 Mar 2017.
Over the coming months, power will be tested across the extension or in parts as needed.
Known as the Toronto-York Spadina subway extension, the project is the first subway to cross Toronto's boundary into the York region in Southern Ontario, TTC officials said.
The 5.3 mile extension, which includes six stations, is jointly funded by the governments of Canada, Ontario, Toronto, and the Regional Municipality of York.
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