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Pearson airport - Date/Photographer unknown.
16 April 2018
Will Pearson Airport Connect to Kitchener by Rail?

Toronto Ontario - "Toronto Pearson is Canada's gateway to the world and a key driver of jobs, trade, and tourism," said GTAA president and CEO Howard Eng, adding "these studies will help to connect our region for the benefit of passengers, airport workers, local businesses, and residents."
This study of how to integrate transit projects into Canada's busiest airport will help connect the country's second largest employment zone and reduce highway congestion.
The GTAA-Metrolinx partnership will explore a potential connection of the Kitchener rail corridor to Toronto Pearson's planned Regional Transit and Passenger Centre, plus potential connections from Eglinton Crosstown West LRT, Finch LRT, Mississauga's Bus Rapid Transit, and various local and regional bus services into Toronto Pearson.
In addition, it will examine improvements to ground transportation to and from the airport and airport employment area, and phasing considerations.
The partnership follows Premier Kathleen Wynne's recent announcement that the province is advancing High Speed Rail (HSR) and Metrolinx is moving ahead with an environmental assessment for next steps for a separation of freight and passenger lines in the Northwest Greater Toronto Area (GTA).
It will allow for both frequent GO Train service as well as HSR between Waterloo Region and the GTA.
As part of the environmental assessment phase, the province is collaborating with the GTAA to explore options to connect two-way, all-day, service on the Kitchener GO line to the planned Regional Transit and Passenger Centre, a multi-modal transportation hub and passenger facility to be located at Toronto Pearson.
The GTAA announced plans for a future transit and passenger centre at Toronto Pearson in 2017.
Roughly 49,000 workers are based at Toronto Pearson and 300,000 people work in the airport employment zone, making it the second highest concentration of jobs in Canada.
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