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The Kettle Valley Steam Railway ex-Canadian Pacific Railway locomotive 3716 - Date unknown Marshall Jones.
15 November 2017
Christmas Excursions
Already Sold Out

Summerland British Columbia - The Kettle Valley Steam Railway (KVSR) is providing an added attraction to this year's Festival of Lights event in Summerland.
KVSR Society president Gerry Conrad says the railway will run two day trains on Saturday, 25 Nov 2017, to coincide with Summerland's Light up weekend.
"The Festival of Lights is growing into a weekend event, and our trains will provide an additional attraction between the festival light up on Friday night and the vineyard light up on Saturday," Conrad says.
The trains are scheduled to run at 10:30 and 13:30.
The two day Festival of Lights program can be viewed at the Festival of Lights website.
Those hoping to ride this year's Christmas trains hopefully have their tickets already.
Conrad says scheduled runs are sold out, with more than 100 names on a wait list.
"The Christmas trains continue to be extraordinarily popular. We are booking additional runs to take care of those on the wait list," Conrad says.
Railway employee Sandra Crozier said two additional trains booked through the Christmas season are nearly sold out, with a handful of seats being held for those already on a wait list.
"People are booking very early in the year for the Christmas runs," she says, adding the two trains will likely be the only additional runs made.
More information about the steam trains can be found at the railway's website.
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