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Ontario PC leader Patrick Brown and students - Date unknown Gary Ennett.
30 November 2017
High-Speed Rail a Go
if PCs Win Election

Toronto Ontario - Patrick Brown is in support of high-speed rail between Toronto and Windsor, and if elected the Progressive Conservative leader said his government will continue to fund the environmental assessment for the project.
Brown was in London Thursday with a stop in Kitchener, peddling his platform through a region already seeing signs of a future rail line.
The Wynne government announced in May it was moving forward with a plan to build a high-speed rail corridor between Toronto and Windsor with stops in Kitchener and London.
Brown said he will match that commitment.
"We're going to fund the environmental assessment, which is currently allocated. But I would note the difference between the PCs and the Liberals is the Liberals make this promise every election and then they forget about it."
When asked for a time line on when a Conservative government would have high-speed trains up and running, Brown said it would be premature to comment before the environmental assessment is completed.
The current time line shows the Toronto to London portion of the corridor (phase one) could be completed by 2025, with environmental assessment getting underway in the spring of 2018.
In May, the Liberals invested $15 million to complete the environmental assessment, noting at the same time that phase one could potentially cost $12 billion.
Brown said he's disappointed the Wynne government's 12 year capital spending plan does not include funding for the construction phase of the project.
"The fact that the actual infrastructure dollars aren't allocated is disappointing. I think we have inadequate transportation corridors in Southwestern Ontario, and I think we should better."
It's the first time the PC leader has committed his support for the Liberal's plans for high-speed rail.
Gary Ennett.

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