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A Swedish trainset - 2 Feb 2012 Kasper Dudzik.
1 December 2017
Bombardier's Rail Control Approved for Upcoming Swedish Rail Modernization Programme

Sweden - The Bombardier INTERFLO 450 mainline rail control solution has received official approval for operation in Sweden.
The type approval, granted by the Swedish Transport Administration, Trafikverket, and Swedish Transport Agency, Transportstyrelsen, opens the door for Bombardier's high-capacity signalling system to be implemented as part of Sweden's programme to modernise its entire 11,000 kilometer mainline rail network.
This official confirmation makes Bombardier Transportation the first supplier to receive approval for its ERTMS Level 2 technology for Sweden and verifies that the INTERFLO 450 wayside solution meets the required national and European technical and safety regulations.
The announcement reflects the successful operation of the technology on both the Adal and Bothnia pilot lines which entered operation in 2012 and now run with 99.9 percent availability, over four times better than the existing system.
As well as being the first supplier in Sweden to start ERTMS operation, Bombardier is the market leader there for rail control solutions and has also equipped over 130 vehicles to date with its EBI Cab onboard system.
This technology is compatible with both ERTMS and the existing signalling system, enabling trains to operate as the Swedish network continues to be upgraded.
Initially created to allow European cross-border rail traffic, the globally-adopted ERTMS Level 2 signalling standard provides accurate and continuous radio-based, automatic train protection.
The wayside system can cater to higher-speed operations, optimizing the flow of trains and supporting network inter-operability, while reducing maintenance costs.
Bombardier was the first supplier worldwide to commission ERTMS Level 2 for operation and today its solutions are used in 26 countries.
Bombardier has supplied solutions to the Swedish national railway system for over 100 years.
Its local presence includes its regional business, project delivery and engineering hub for rail control, production centre for propulsion systems, and network of service centres.
Bombardier is also a leading signalling supplier for Sweden's regional and commuter rail lines, most recently equipping the new Stockholm City Line.
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