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Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard - Date unknown Photographer unknown.
27 November 2017
Philippe Couillard Wants Rapid Transit Link Between Montreal and Quebec City

Quebec City Quebec - Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard wants to build a new rapid transit line between Montreal and Quebec City.
"We will get Quebec out of this unsustainable logic of always more roads for more cars," he said Sunday at a Quebec Liberal Party convention.
"I want a modern, new, comfortable, revolutionary, way of going between Quebec and Montreal that will generate the envy of other people on the planet."
While Couillard didn't say what form the link between the two cities would take, he ruled out the idea of a light-rail train system.
He did, however, say that he liked the idea of scientist Dr. Pierre Couture, who has been proposing a high-speed monorail for years.
Couillard dubbed the rapid transit line a "major project" for the province and called for creative proposals.
Many delegates at the weekend's convention say the strong economy and low unemployment rate are giving them reason to look forward to next election.
"The province is in good health because of these people here who are running it the right way," said Louise Lachance, the delegate for Huntington.
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