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6 December 2017
CP and Union Agreement Includes Compassionate Leave Loan

Calgary Alberta - The Canadian Pacific Railway Company (CP) and the Canadian Pacific Police Association (CPPA) have ratified a new five year agreement, which includes paid compassionate leave that employees can receive as a loan.
When employees have a personal situation, such as very ill parents, a child or spouse, they will be able to take up to three months without the loss of pay or benefits, according to Stephen Ross, president of the union, which represents about 80 Canadian police officers employed by Canadian Pacific.
"At the end of this period, the member will have to repay the loan in relation to wages at a minimum of 10 percent of their pay for up to 24 months," he wrote in an email to Benefits Canada.
The new deal also includes a wage increase, expanded training opportunities, and an enhanced relocation expense allowance.
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