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A Washington state Sound Transit tram - Date/Photographer unknown.
12 February 2018
Not Looking Good for Delta LRT

Vancouver British Columbia - Is it time the provincial government and Metro consider something big to move people south of the Fraser?
It's a question some in Delta will undoubtedly ask after big news last week from Montreal that it will have a new $6.3 billion light-rail system.
Expected to open by 2021, Montreal's light-rail project will connect the city to its suburbs and the international airport.
The light rail network on the 67 kilometre route will include 26 stations.
Delta Mayor Lois Jackson last summer was quickly shot down at the Mayors' Council when she put forward a motion for the region to start early planning for LRT to connect Richmond with Delta, White Rock, Surrey, Langley, and even out as far as Chilliwack.
"I've been trying to press this with the mayors for a long time in that it makes sense to take the Canada Line and run it south, over a bridge, and it's meant to do that, accommodates that. The idea being maybe go out to the ferry terminal, with stops in Ladner and Tsawwassen. Most importantly, it would go through all the southern area, as opposed to the northern area where the Expo Line goes through Surrey," Jackson said in an interview following the mayors' rejection.
"We have to look ahead 75 years. It's a great way to connect communities. I was pretty much poo pooed because they said they want everything on the table. They want, for instance, the Evergreen Line extended. They don't want even a planning concept forward for a line that will pick up hundreds of thousands of people through that great burgeoning area of Surrey that travel by car everywhere because there's no option," she said.
The Mayors' Council has endorsed an LRT project for Surrey that involves 27 kilometres with two lines and approximately 19 stops.
The first phase will be the Surrey-Newton-Guildford Line, which will connect Surrey City Centre and Guildford Town Centre, while a King George Boulevard line will connect Surrey City Centre and Newton Town Centre.
Jackson said many will benefit but many more south of the Fraser still won't.
The George Massey Tunnel replacement bridge would have had the capacity for future rapid transit expansion but the bridge project is now suspended pending a technical review.
Sandor Gyarmati.

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