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The unused E&N Railway line in Victoria West - Date unknown Photographer unknown.
12 July 2017
Train Tracks Will be Needed
in the Future

Nanaimo Vancouver Island British Columbia - Re: Council Supports Rail Trail Proposal, 22 Jun 2017.
Some people want to see the rail tracks ripped up.
With a rapidly growing population (many of whom are seniors) on the Island you want to rip up the train tracks?
Where is your foresight?
The Island Highway is already very busy, fast forward that 5 to 10 years and there will be gridlock.
Instead of spending millions on improving the Malahat every year, let's spend some on the train, fix the tracks and bridges and get a proper commuter train going.
Eventually electric trains are much more environmentally friendly than cars and can move way more people.
A typical example is the Canada Line in Vancouver.
Some people were protesting, who is going to ride a train to the airport?
Take a ride on it now and you are lucky to find an empty seat.
If we don't save the E&N Railway now, we will never get it back.
Ambrose Knobel.

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