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5 March 2017
No Injuries Reported After
Train Derailment in Georgina

Georgina Ontario - There are extensive damages but no injuries reported after a CN freight train derailed early Sunday in the town of Georgina, just north of Toronto.
The cars were carrying copper concentrate, a non-hazardous material, according to town fire chief Ron Jenkins.
Community residents are also thankful the train narrowly missed a propane tank.
"We were lucky," said Teri Glover.
"It could have been a lot worse than it actually is."
According to CN, the 85 car freight train was travelling from Winnipeg to Toronto when the derailment occurred around 03:45.
Emergency crews were called to the scene shortly after 15 cars jumped the tracks.
The noise woke up some of the nearby residents.
"Bang! Bang! Bang!," described area resident Mark Holland.
"Just like dominos."
But others told CTV Toronto they felt the accident more than they heard it.
"I felt like a big rumble and it woke me up. But it wasn't as loud as you'd think it would have been," said Glover.
According to a statement released by CN, crews will be working "around the clock" to clear the damages.
Workers from as far away as Buffalo, N.Y., were called in to help right the cars and remove damaged rails.
CN said the cause is still under investigation and the road at the train crossing will remain closed for the rest of the day but will be open tomorrow morning.
Scott Lightfoot.

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