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Train 290 at Cranberry Portage - Date unknown Jonathan Lee.
12 March 2018
$11 Million Coming for Funding
the Pas-Pukatawagan Railway

The Pas Manitoba - The Remote Passenger Rail Program is budgeted to receive $11 million from the federal government.
The program assists in running two passenger rail lines, including The Pas-Pukatawagan Railway, and provides funding to the Keewatin Railway Company, a First Nations-owned group that owns and operates passenger and freight service on the The Pas-Pukatawagan line.
Keewatin receives operating grants from the federal and provincial governments, as well as several First Nations communities in northern Manitoba.
The group purchased the line, formerly owned by Hudson Bay Railway Company and Omnitrax, in 2006.
A railway running from Sept-Iles, Quebec, to several remote communities is the other rail line that receives funding from the program.
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