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9 March 2017
Ottawa Approves Expanded
Stage 2 LRT Plan

Ottawa Ontario - The plan to bring light rail transit farther and faster to communities in the east, the west, and the south of Ottawa was introduced in mid-February.
The Stage 2 report approved by council includes recommendations changing the scope of the LRT project, the procurement model, and the specific activities the city will undertake to implement Stage 2.
An expansion of the scope of the Stage 2 LRT Project was approved, including construction of an additional Maintenance and Storage Facility in the Moodie Drive area, final alignment changes, and the following extensions to train lines:

  • Confederation Line West, beyond Bayshore to Moodie Drive, and southwest to Algonquin College;
  • Confederation Line East, beyond Place d'Orleans to Trim Road;
  • Trillium Line extension south to Bowesville in Riverside South;
  • An Airport Rail Link from South Keys Station on the Trillium Line.

The budget for the Stage 2 LRT project remains $3 billion, as approved in 2015.
The new Moodie Extension is included within the original budget, while the Trim and Airport Extensions are conditional on receiving 100 percent federal and provincial funding.
Several related infrastructure works, such as widening of Highway 417 between Highway 416 and Maitland Avenue, are being bundled with Stage 2.
The city notes that this will improve construction integration, reduce detours, save money, and reduce impacts to the community.
The Stage 2 project will generate more than 21,000 person years of employment.
The city will continue to work with its existing partner, Rideau Transit Group, to ensure an integrated and consistent expanded rail system while maximizing the amount of work to be procured under new competitions.
The Stage 2 expansion of the O-Train network will be undertaken through two new procurements:

  • A new $2.5 billion Design-Build-Finance competition for the Confederation Line East and West extensions (includes Airport, Trim and Highway 417, and City-bundled works);
  • A new $535 million Design-Build-Finance-Maintain competition for the Trillium Line extension to the south.

With the council's approval, the project can go to market later this winter.
A final report will be brought forward in early 2018 outlining the results of the procurement process and related activities, leading to the final design and beginning of construction.
The Stage 2 project is planned to proceed with staggered openings to allow for faster expansions to LRT service and will see the Trillium Line South extension opening in 2021, the Confederation Line East including Trim opening in 2022, and the Confederation Line West to Moodie opening by 2023.
Mischa Wanek-Libman.

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