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10 March 2017
Surrey Central SkyTrain Station Upgrades Will Begin in Early April

Vancouver British Columbia - A $25 million project of upgrades to Surrey Central SkyTrain Station will feature a new elevator, three new escalators, a new staircase, and improved lighting.
Two new entrances on the north side of the station will improve capacity, accessibility, safety, and way finding.
Surrey Central Station is one of seven stations on the Expo Line targeted for upgrades to ensure that rapid transit meets the transportation needs of residents in the region for years to come.
Construction is underway at Commercial-Broadway Station, Metrotown Station, Joyce-Collingwood Station, and upgrades have already been completed at New Westminster Station, Scott Road Station, and Main Street-Science World Station.
When complete, these upgrades will introduce a total of 5,920 square meters of additional space, nine new elevators, and 20 new escalators that will improve accessibility.
Construction will begin in early April and is expected to be completed by the end of 2018.
"With ridership up 4.5 percent in 2016, it's clear demand for transit is continuing to grow as the population grows," noted Kevin Desmond, CEO, TransLink.
The federal government provided $3.2 million for this project through the Building Canada Fund, Major Infrastructure Component while the provincial government contributed $6.9 million.
The remainder was provided by TransLink.
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