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NOT a hi-rail vehicle - Date/Photographer unknown.
12 March 2018
Eight Times Drivers Couldn't Resist the Pull of the Queens Quay Streetcar Tunnel

Toronto Ontario - Early Sunday morning, a car drove into the Queens Quay streetcar tunnel... again. Since the route reopened in 2014, 25 drivers have pulled up to the tunnel entrance, glanced at its wall of flashing red lights and do-not-enter signs, and thought to themselves, "Sure!"

Queens Quay streetcar tunnel - Date/Photographer unknown.

Next month, you too can experience the thrill of getting your ride stuck in the city's stickiest streetcar tracks, thanks to the local heroes who just created a Facebook event dedicated to "the activity Torontonians just can't get enough of":
It's all a joke, of course, but in the spirit of the big day, here's a look back at some of the trailblazers who inspired the event.
24 Oct 2014
The first publicized tunneller was a doozy, the driver reportedly stole the car in Oshawa, smashed some windows along Queens Quay, and then for his encore, motored down the streetcar ramp. Police called a hazmat unit to investigate, it's cute that the city actually got worked up about this sort of thing once upon a time.
22 Nov 2014
Less than a month later, a copycat emerged, driving into the tunnel around 04:00 on a Saturday morning. According to the Star, "the TTC is now considering making the signs warning drivers not to enter the tunnel more obvious."
31 Jul 2015
Because driving in the right lane wasn't rebellious enough.
25 Apr 2016
This is one of the the more impressive ones, the driver somehow managed to make it all the way to Union Station before getting stuck.
23 Feb 2017
Oops, I did it again.
18 Oct 2017
The TTC added more signs and rumble strips to the tunnel entrance in spring 2017, but that didn't stop this guy.
31 Dec 2017
Our personal favourite, the plate-less SUV that showed up in Queens Quay station on New Year's Eve.
11 Mar 2018
After this weekend's incident, one tweeter asked, "Is this one of those drinking games where we all take a shot every time someone drives into the Queens Quay streetcar tunnel?"
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