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TTC Bathurst subway station - Date/Photographer unknown.
12 March 2018
TTC Unveils Sixth Customer Charter

Toronto Ontario - The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) last week released its 2018 customer charter, which includes a pledge to boost streetcar service.
As part of the charter, TTC will add service on up to 20 bus and streetcar routes to help reduce overcrowding during peak capacity.
The agency also plans to roll out two-hour, time-based, transfers to make multiple short-distance trips more affordable.
In addition, TTC will redesign passenger information displays on subway platforms and introduce discounted fares for riders transferring between GO Transit and TTC services.
TTC also will install at least one Presto fare card vending machine in all subway stations.
"The charter will ensure that the TTC is accountable and responsive to the commitments it has made to its loyal customers," said TTC Chair Josh Colle in a press release.
Progress on the charter's promises will be reported to the TTC's board each quarter and posted on the agency's website.
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