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Alberni Pacific 2-8-2ST number 7 - Date unknown Photographer unknown.
16 March 2017
A Steam Locomotive
Could be a Tourist Draw

Cobble Hill Vancouver Island British Columbia - As a long-time retired railroader on Vancouver Island, I am fully in favour of using our E&N Island rail corridor for much better use than its current abandoned state.
I appreciate that it may be too expensive to upgrade the tracks for heavy freight trains.
But surely there is a tourism option.
Wouldn't it be a magnificent magnet to have a steam locomotive whistle stopping at various communities along the route?
This could be a fascinating old world experience for tourists and an economic boon for artists and artisans to sell their goods to the travellers.
There are a few old steam locomotives on the Island that could be called into service.
All it takes is some imagination and we could have another first-class tourism draw for Vancouver Island and especially here in the Cowichan Valley.
Gord Dickenson.

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