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A rendering of Ensco Rail's Track Geometry Measurement System - Date unknown Artist unknown - Ensco Rail.
10 November 2017
CP Orders New Track Evaluation Car from Ensco Rail

Falls Church Virginia USA - Canadian Pacific (CP) awarded a contract to Ensco Rail to provide inspection systems for a new track evaluation car.
Ensco Rail says the car will be the newest track evaluation car in the CP fleet and will be equipped with state-of-the-art track measurement and imaging system technology.
"We are proud of our continuing relationship with Canadian Pacific and are enthusiastic about the opportunity to deliver the track inspection systems for Canadian Pacific's new track evaluation car," said Boris Nejikovsky, president of Ensco Rail.
The company says the sophisticated system suite aboard the vehicle will provide important indicators of track quality and safety.
Specifically, the installed systems on the new CP car will include a track geometry measurement system, rail profile measurement system, deployable gauge restraint measurement system, joint bar inspection system, track component imaging system, driver view imaging system, and track view imaging system.
Ensco Rail explains that together, these systems provide the data needed to make decisions to improve track maintenance and reduce operating costs.
Ensco Rail has delivered solutions on more than 50 inspection cars throughout the world to meet the needs of the railway industry.
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