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King George SkyTrain station - 3 Nov 2017 Photographer unknown.
3 November 2017
Broken Cable and Dead Train Blamed for Early-Morning SkyTrain Delays

Vancouver British Columbia - We now know what caused major delays on the SkyTrain this morning and it had nothing to do with the cold temperatures or dusting of snow.
TransLink says two completely different problems are to blame for the longer than normal Expo Line commute.
The transit authority says the issues included a broken cable and a malfunctioning train.
TransLink President Vivienne King says one of their communication cables broke so they had to get a train to drive very slowly down the track to find the problem.
"In that, we found that the cable had been broken. Our technicians were on site very quickly and they decided they would repair that which took about 45 minutes."
Delays for many people lasted about two hours.
Service on the Millennium and Canada Lines were never affected.
King adds the 45 minute repairs would not have been so bad, but then a train broke down in New Westminster and had to be physically pushed out of the way.
Engineers are still trying to figure out why the train died.
Many people took to social media to show their anger at the situation.
Lasia Kretzel.

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