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A police constable and the SkyTrain - Date unknown Photographer unknown.
9 November 2017
Burnaby Teen Charged in SkyTrain Station Bear Spray Attack

Vancouver British Columbia - A 17-year-old boy who is well known to police has been arrested and charged following a bear-spray attack at a Burnaby SkyTrain station.
The incident took place on the morning of 1 Nov 2017.
According to Transit Police, a man and his son were walking down a staircase from the train platform when they were confronted by a young man who felt they were walking too slowly.
When the man turned to talk to the youth, he was allegedly sprayed several times in the face with bear spray.
The young man was seen running from the station.
The victim had difficulty breathing and was helped by a SkyTrain attendant before being treated by paramedics.
Other passengers were also treated for side-effects of the spray, including an elderly woman who had trouble standing and breathing.
The accused was arrested at his Burnaby high school around 11:30 the next day.
He was charged with one count each of assault with a weapon, and possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose.
The teen has been remanded into custody.
According to Transit police, the young man was previously convicted of several violent offences, and was the subject of two youth court orders and an undertaking that prohibited him from possessing any type of pepper spray.
His next court appearance is Thursday.
Jennifer Saltman.

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