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The site of the wreck near Gull Lake - Date unknown Scott Anderson.
5 October 2017
Crews Working to Repair Mainline Following Derailment

Gull Lake Saskatchewan - Crews continue to work at the scene of a Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) train derailment which occurred just east of Gull Lake on Tuesday night.
The train, which was carrying potash, derailed at approximately 20:10 on 3 Oct 2017.
A total of 37 cars derailed in the incident, and crews are working to re-open the mainline.
As of mid afternoon Wednesday there was not a set time line for the re-opening of the line.
A CP media relations spokesperson noted there were no injuries and no dangerous goods on the train.
A team of investigators from the Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) were deployed to the derailment scene to gather information and assess the occurrence.
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