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Loose moose - Date unknown Photographer unknown.
4 October 2017
Moose Spotted on Calgary Transit

Calgary Alberta - Look who showed up to the morning com-moose!
Spotted at the Tuscany LRT station at approximately 03:00, Wednesday, transit workers saw a bull moose casually using the overpass, looking to hitch a ride on Calgary Transit's C-Train, probably the caboose.
Wednesday just happened to be World Animal Day, so the four-legged giant was probably on his way to a conference, or maybe it was meeting a friend in Fish Creek Park to celebrate.
Calgary Transit is no stranger to animals, they even had a cat commuter for some time, and doggy pals are welcome on the service, but transit spokeswoman Sherri Zickefoose said it's uncommon to see such a large animal sneak past the service's efforts to keep wildlife and trains separate.
"A very cool customer," said Zickefoose.
"This is exceptionally rare. We see all kinds of things on our 24 hour cameras, sometimes it's lost dogs, there was one time we spotted a cat sitting politely behind the yellow line as the train was coming in but I think a moose is one for the history books."
When the team saw the large animal they immediately called 311 and Fish and WIldlife, and Zickefoose said they wanted to make sure the public and moose would be safe, but it's not been back to catch a train since.
The Tuscany station is on the edge of Calgary, so it's understandable that an animal of that size could curiously come to check out an overpass reminiscent of the animal highways in Banff.
"These critters are very used to taking the high road," laughed Zickefoose.
She said Calgary Transit was happy to share the photos with passengers after a heavy couple of news weeks and give people another reason to smile on their morning commute.
Helen Pike.

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