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A Montreal subway train -
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5 September 2017
Quebec to Build Underground Train Garage

Montreal Quebec - Transport planners have announced that an underground train garage is to be built in Montreal to help increase the number of services in line with expected demand.
The nearly $440 million garage will help metro operator Societe de transport de Montreal (STM) add more trains during rush hour periods, especially on the Orange line, which is the most heavily-used.
STM said the service increase could be by as much as a 25 percent on the line.
In addition, the new facility, which is to be built at Cote-Vertu station, will house ten extra trains, allow STM to better maintain its rolling stock, and also look at replacing first-generation metro cars.
The Government of Quebec is to contribute $330 million and STM the remaining $110 million.
The Cote-Vertu station will be temporarily closed in summer 2018 for 11 weeks in preparation for the train garage.
The announcement was made on 25 Aug 2017.
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