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TlhIngan Hubbeq
De'wIj Ra'ghomquv
( Klingon Defense Force Software Command )

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Public Notice from the United Federation of Planets

Stardate  2017·10·01·00·01 UFP (United Federation of Planets)

It appears the Klingon Empire has been making in-roads into web pages found on various web sites on the internet. This may be of concern to the general public at large as the intentions of this secretive warrior race are unclear. Here is all that is known at the present time:

The Klingon Empire

The Klingon High Council is the governing body of the Klingon Empire. This ruling body is made up of approximately a dozen representatives headed by a Chancellor, or Council leader. The Council meets in the Great Hall on Qo'noS (Planet Q'onoS, pronounced Kronos), the Klingon home world.) Unfortunately, the Council has had a long history of political intrigue and power struggles. The members of the Council are charged with overseeing the welfare of the Empire and it's citizens. Each Council member normally heads one of the major Departments within the Empire. The Council meets and makes informed decisions on policy based on input from the members of all Departments.

Klingon Defence Department

The Department of Defence, headed by a member of the Klingon High Council, is divided into several Commands. Only one of which is the Klingon Defense Force Software Command.

Klingon Defense Force Software Command

There is no known Klingon word for software. "Soft" is not a Klingon attribute under any circumstance. Consequently the Klingon word for "computer", "De'wIj", is substituted for the word software, hence, "TlhIngan Hubbeq De'wIj Ra'ghomquv" (Klingon Defence Force Software Command).

Software Command is located within the Central Headquarters structure of the Klingon Defense Force in First City on Qo'noS. The building is sited in a plaza overlooking the Qam-Chee River, approximately one half qelI'qam (500 metres) from the Great Hall.

In addition to classified Klingon De'wIj ngoq (software code), the Command is also competent in the use of United Federation of Planets computer languages such as W3C HTML4.01, W3C HTML5, JavaScript, and W3C CSS3. This is the only information the Command will verify publicly due to their strict security policy. All queries for further information to the Command and the Klingon Department of Defence have met with a "Qo' Qum petaQ" (no comment... expletive deleted) response.

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Stardate  2017·10·01·00·01 UFP
(United Federation of Planets)